Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Back in business

I stopped posting to this blog over two years ago as we were about to go through a legal proceeding involving the short-sale of our house and were advised by our Lawyer to stay off social media as it could be monitored. After that process was completed, I did finally (after much protesting) find myself on Facebook although I never really posted much because it's just so awful. What little free time I had was taken up with trying to shoe-horn in activities that I used to enjoy pre-children, so the thought of sitting down and writing something wasn't high on my list.

These days however, I notice more and more that I'm gaining back some of that time (albeit slowly). With Anara now 2 1/2 years old she's able to play with Macias more and more, which while often leading to shoving matches and screaming fits (It's so hard not to laugh when she smacks him) that I need to intervene in, leaves me with a few more moments to myself to gather my thoughts. I've even started playing tennis again every weekend!

In the end I had always intended this blog to be for them, something they could look back on and see who their Father was during this time in his life so I feel it's important to get back to it - or at least make the attempt. I should also take this opportunity to thank my lovely wife Allison Bonner (who probably won't be leaving Facebook because for some absurd reason she finds value in it) as she continues to be the most wonderful, loving, strong, kind and overall amazing Mother in the whole world. Macias and Anara are so lucky to have her in their lives, and we're so lucky to have them in ours.

And so with that said....here we go....again!

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