Sunday, June 05, 2011

Travelin' Man

In the last few weeks we've made the Grandparent rounds, spending a weekend in Greenville for a belated Mother's Day celebration for Mom then this past week we spent in Boise visiting "Da-do" and Grandma Lynn. Other than some pretty lousy weather for most of the week, we had a blast in Boise hanging out with Macias' Idaho family...

Grandma, Macias and a Lion at the Greenville Zoo.

After Grandma was eaten by said Lion.

Macias' early 2nd birthday party and 24 Grandparents,
Cousins, Aunts, Uncles and friends...

Future Bronco?

Biggest. Toddler. Playground. EVAR.

Not built for Daddy-sized people...

Feeding Ducks down the street from Da-do's house.

Watching the Monkey's swing about at the Boise Zoo.

Speaking of swinging around like a's Monkey Bizness!

He didn't spend as much time in the toddler area...

...because he wanted to keep going down the giant slide!

At the Bishop's House, where Mommy and Daddy got married.

Riding a Turtle with Da-do...

Our second trip to the Boise Zoo with Da-do, Grandma Lynn and Aunt Katy.

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