Thursday, February 03, 2011

All Macias, all the time

I remember when I used to post interesting things on this blog - now it's just a shrine to my child for the benefit of Grandparents. Oh well! He's more interesting anyway. Onto the pics..

We're not talking Hockey - I'm actually explaining why he can't go over to the
Doggie because the Doggie might try to eat him.

Now we're talking Hockey. Go Avs!

Building sand castles with Mommy on Coligny Beach.

Chasing/being chased by Mommy on a beautiful day in the park.

We've been down every slide in the county at this point
and the reaction is always the same!

Hangin' out with Grandma.

Taking a break from screaming in the grocery store
long enough to pose for this picture...

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