Sunday, December 05, 2010

Macias at (almost) 18 months

In less than a week my baby boy will be eighteen months old - this is, frankly, unbelievable to me but the photographic evidence is right here. Every day seems to bring a new word or new skill, but his smile and infectious personality remain the same...


He tried on several pairs before finding the ones he liked...

Walking off the slice of white pizza from Paulie's he stole from Daddy.

He goes down his slide by himself now...

Playing football in the yard.


He can climb in his wagon by himself - still working on climbing out.

Playing hide-and-seek on Thanksgiving day.

"What do you mean, no more iPad?"

Helping Daddy organize his DVD's.

One of his favorite library books, "Oopsie! Ouchie!".

Helping Mommy trim the tree....

He prefers to swing backwards.

Got him to sit still long enough for our Christmas card photo...

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