Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

The Bonner's had a very nice Christmas as Santa (and Grandma!) brought Macias lots of toys and goodies. He also brought Daddy a case of strep throat, but hey this day isn't about me anymore right?! We're looking forward to next year when he can really start to understand all the holiday traditions...

Grandma brought new books!

We like books!

We also liked this bouncy-light-up-turtle contraption.

Star Wars ABC's!

Taking our new (my old) trench coat out for a spin.

Go Avs!

He loved his MACIAS BONNER puzzle also. Pretty neat...

Taking his new ride out for a spin. 

I made the mistake of doing Chewbacca's howl it's expected every time he lands on the "W is for Wookie" page.

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