Saturday, August 21, 2010

Monthly Macias picture update!

It's been quite a month - he's been sick a few times, hit his head a few times and even skipped lunch one day at school (Mommy and Daddy broke the rules by sending a PB&J, and then the school failed to call Daddy so he could bring a different lunch) but through it all he's still his usual awesome self. Probably my favorite moment this month is his newfound habit of saying "uh oh" when he drops something - but also when he does something completely ordinary that doesn't require it. We're pretty sure he picked this up at school since we can't recall saying it around him, but it's pretty frickin' cute. On to the pics!


Learning his animals on the iPad

Who you gonna call?

At the Bluffton library, his new favorite place on Earth...

Creating his masterpiece for Nanny's birthday.

Battle cry!

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betsy said...

What a cutie! Soren had that Ghostbusters T too!