Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Caterpillar

Not that I was ever a proficient blogger in the first place, but I find that there are too many other things that need attention during the small amount of free time I have each day to worry about posting. However, I know that my many, many readers (i.e., Mom) like to know what's going on and see the big boy's development. So in that vein…

Macias graduates to his new classroom starting on Monday - he was a Grasshopper and now will be a Caterpillar. We're so proud! Due to having to wait for a spot to open up in his new classroom he has spent the last month as the BMOC in the Grasshopper class, running roughshod over the babies in the room and pretty much ruling the roost. I've explained that in the next class they will be far less impressed with his abilities, since they can all walk and talk too. Speaking of talking he is very clearly saying "da da" and "daddy" to me when he wants to, communicating very efficiently with sign language (his sign for "more" when he wants more to eat gets me every time) and LOVES to have books read to him. However, he's very picky about which books he wants to hear - it's fascinating (to me anyway) to see him toss aside new books in favor of old standbys such as "Hippos Go Berserk!" and "Moo Moo Brown Cow". The temper tantrums have also started, albeit slightly. When he is unhappy he will whine, dive onto the floor, roll over onto his back and start sucking his thumb. I've started to replicate this behavior at work when I don't get my way also - apparently it's not nearly as cute when I do it. On to some recent photos….

Hamming it up in his pool on a typically brutal July afternoon in SC...

We didn't see it happen, and still aren't quite sure how he got into this predicament.

Not pictured: his Lightsaber on the floor next to him.

Learning his ABC's on Daddy's (soon to be his) iPad.

Quite a handsome pair huh?

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jayna said...

Oh! That last picture melted me! They are so beautiful!!