Monday, May 03, 2010

I'm hiring!

We (The Island Packet) are currently looking to fill the night shift Pre-Press Assistant position. Since I've had limited success going through the traditional channels with some of my past hires, I thought I'd turn to folks who know me already and might know someone who they think would be interested in the position and be a strong candidate.

The shift is from 3PM - 1AM, Monday through Friday. Stop reading now if you don't know anyone willing to work nights….

Still with me? Ok then…the night shift Pre-Press Assistant position needs to be a jack-of-all-trades - in short, me at night. The main responsibility is outputting the plates for the next day's paper and whatever commercial jobs are due, however the position is also responsible for the care and feeding of our AGFA computer-to-plate machines (it's not overly manual, but a potential hire does need to know how to use an allen wrench when needed, and there is a fair amount of cleaning involved), dummying several different sections, creating our comic pages, etc. The position will also be responsible for building ads when necessary, so the ideal candidate would have a background in Graphic Design. As long as I'm shooting for the moon, they would even be able to handle small IT functions as they relate to the computer systems that run our department.

While we put as many procedures and safeguards in place to try to avoid them, problems can and do occur (human error or otherwise) and I am looking for a person who can deal with them without having to call me in the middle of the night. I need someone who can be shown how to fix a problem and remember that fix even if the problem doesn't happen again for another six months. Someone who can be trained on the half-dozen computer programs we use to get the paper out the door and be an expert in them a few months later. Someone who can work well on their own and find things to do around the department during the occasional down time. Most importantly, someone I can count on! This position is unique in that it has it's hands into almost every aspect of the production process for the Newspaper - it's a big job and I'm looking for someone special to do it!

If you know anyone who might be a good fit, please have them contact me through any of the various means there are to contact me. Thanks in advance!

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