Friday, April 16, 2010


Well after my self-congratulatory post a few weeks ago about overcoming my various aliments, I naturally was hit with another massive illness last week, though this one was at least a somewhat manageable but still horrible case of Sinusitis. Last Sunday I had mucus coming out of my eyes. My EYES people. Also, fun fact for those who have never had the pleasure: despite being slimly and liquidly, mucus in your eyes feels a lot like shards of glass in your eyes. ANYWAY, I'm on lots of meds and nothing is helping but I am slowly getting better (I think).

Here's an iPad review for you - it's freaking awesome. As in, I have only turned on the MacBook twice since she came home.The game-changer for me has been watching Rockies games on it, but I'm also reading books again which I didn't think I'd be into. Throw in a little Geometry Wars, and this little guy and I are going to be great friends.

Because my bride didn't post them, enjoy some recent Macias pics….and fyi, if you see snot flying through the air, that might have actually been from me and not him…

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Heather said...

That's one cute kid (family) you have!