Thursday, April 01, 2010

Morgan's must have day one iPad apps

My iPad will be arriving on Saturday and I'm more excited for this thing than I have been for any gadget in a long, long time. To that end, I'm allowing myself a budget of $100 for apps and iBooks. $20 of that is a iTunes gift card from Mom for my birthday. Still trying to figure out how to swindle Allison out of her $15 iTunes gift card I got her for Christmas that she hasn't used yet...anyway, on to the list! (links lead to iTunes app page)

NetNewsWire, MLB At Bat, Geometry Wars, Wikipanion, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Plants vs. Zombies, Marvel Comics, One Password

And here's hoping there will be a DropBox app on day one also...

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Allison Bonner said...

the $15 iTunes card was for valentines day, hence the pink card with the heart on it. the illusive Christmas one you are talking about mysteriously never made it in to my stocking. Santa swindled me.