Saturday, August 22, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

Confessions of a family man

Allison and Macias have taken a mini-vacation to visit Grandma Debbie in Charlotte for a few days, and I find myself missing them both terribly. This is the first night I've spent away from my Son since he arrived, and although it's a whole lot more quiet around the house it still sucks. I keep expecting to hear him cry as he wakes up, but have to keep reminding myself that cry isn't coming for another few days. As for his lovely Mama, I have to say that I'm counting the minutes until she gets home too. While not a strange feeling, it is somewhat unusual in that as anyone who has been married for a long time will tell you, you miss the person but you do very much look forward to your alone time. Despite having several things I want to get accomplished with this break, I find that nothing worth doing is any fun without Mace and his Mom around to do it with. That being said, I'm sure Allison won't mind missing out on at least one item on my list of things to do while they're gone - seeing G.I. Joe...