Friday, October 09, 2009

Sick and tired

No, this isn't a post about my right-wing friends who cheer when America loses and piss and moan when it wins. Instead, it's about me recounting the last 9 days in which I have experienced every typical symptom associated with the Flu. Given that I rarely get sick since I'm so obsessive about germs, my guess is that Macias brought home the first of what will be undoubtedly be many illnesses from his day care. In his case, it doesn't appear to have gotten past the sniffles - in mine, I've had the typical sore throat, runny nose, sinus and chest congestion, cough, headache, fever, aches, pains and muscle weakness. Also, this all started the day I got my first ever flu shot, which I don't blame for the illness because a) it can't make you sick and b) I had the sore throat before the shot, but the illness may have lingered as my immune system was busy dealing with flu shot and forgot about what I already had. In any case, I thought I'd share a few observations about being sick…

1. Being sick sucks - having to work while being sick sucks more. With only two IT people left at work, when one of them is on vacation the other simply has to be there - sure enough, that was the case this week. Having no IT person in the building is simply not an option - this is exactly when the servers will undoubtedly crash and the whole organization will grind to a halt. I've kept my distance from as many people as possible, and to this point do not have appeared to infected anyone else.

2. Over the counter medicine is worthless. Now that I've been forced to take an interest, it turns out that a few years ago someone decided to make a little Meth using Pseudoephedrine, the active ingredient that actually makes NyQuill and Musinex worth a damn. Now you can't get anything with this stuff in it without having to go either behind the counter or get a prescription - but the drug makers are still happy to sell you their Pseudoephedrine-free product, even though it no longer does anything. Musinex, NyQuil, Theraflu and Robotussin will not relieve your symptoms - don't bother with them. You need to get the "D" versions of those products. Allison says it probably works in other people - right, because my body is clearly much, much different than everyone else's and I must be the one with the problem….

3. Speaking of Allison, she is just the best wife ever…when I'm healthy. Poor thing did her best to tolerate my illness this past week, but quotes like "are you ever going to be fun to be around again?" as well as general irritation around me seemed to indicate that her patience for sleeping on the fold-out couch had come to an end. She hasn't been sick (like, sick sick) since moving back to South Carolina from Idaho. When it finally does happen, I plan to take extra special care of her...

4. By far the worst thing about being sick was not being able to be around Mr. Macias. The Friday and Monday when I was really out of it and couldn't take him to school were especially lousy, since he and I always hang out in the mornings after Mommy leaves. I will feel a lot better when he reaches the six month mark and can get vaccinated. On the upside, getting exposed to these things now should help him down the line. Allison went to day care, got sick all the time and now is healthy as a horse - I didn't go to day care, didn't get sick until I was three years old, was constantly sick all through my school years and apparently can't fight off much of anything as an adult :(

5. You'd be amazed how many people said to me something to the effect of "Too bad you don't drink - all you need is three or four glasses of wine, then wrap yourself up in the biggest blanket you can find and you will sweat the flu out in no time". Does this actually work? To me it sounds a lot like the "put soap in the bedsheets to cure leg cramps" thing, but whatevs.

In conclusion, I appear to have survived my latest brush with death (hey, it felt like I was a goner for a while there) but remind me next year to postpone the flu shot unless I'm feeling 100%. For real.


Allison Bonner said...

well, it's hard taking care of you AND a four month old who is sick at the same time. i think you can understand why he got most of the attention. maybe it's because i don't get sick very often that i can't tolerate whiny sick people who think that every time they get a small sore throat they're goners. too much 'boy who cried wolf' around these parts.

i mean, i love you baby and am glad you're feeling better.

big cry baby.

Bill Wheatley said...

yea psuedophedrine free stuff sucks. And its retarded i have to give my license to get written into a government book so that i can have nyquil with psuedophedrine. The real end goal now is going to be they will completely phase it out. i got nyquil and it says NOW WITH PSEUDOPHEDRINE. and that made me mad because it always had it until recently

Heather said...

You crack me up...I mean, sorry that you were sick, but the similarities between you and B/Will when sick are uncanny. :)

Bill Wheatley said...

hay now!