Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My other baby

Seven years, one month and fourteen days after I came home from the Beaufort Toyota dealership with her, she's finally mine - the title arrived in the mail today. There was no great rejoicing at paying off the loan, mostly because I won't be saving any money as I have substituted one stupid-big monthly payment with another in the form of Macias' day care. Still, even though in reality she's been mine from the beginning, it does feel good to officially call her my own. She has gotten me out of more scrapes than I can even remember (though the time she went 90-degrees sideways in less than a second to avoid a head-on from a Ryder moving truck that had crossed into my lane stands out) and is now charged with keeping my son safe every morning as well. Despite it being difficult (to say the least) getting the car seat in and out, there is still no ride I'd rather have.

I mean, I might trade her in for the Batmobile, but that's about it.

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Bill Wheatley said...

shes a fine ride. Hurry up and make me a plaque for my car :P