Thursday, May 07, 2009

An ode to Trek

In honor of the new Star Trek movie, I somehow managed to con the esteemed Editor of The Guide into letting me take up two entire pages of his publication for this Friday's edition. Now this lead to a few creative differences between us, as he felt the need to rip my design to shreds, take out entire paragraphs of my column to make room for a 78 pt. headline, and completely eliminate my recap of the Star Trek: Countdown comic prequel, the only actual informative piece in the whole thing. I am grateful to the complete and utter jackass aforementioned esteemed Editor of The Guide for indulging me in my nerdom, but for posterity's sake I am posting my version instead of what actually ran. Enjoy Trekkers!


Bill Wheatley said...

Trekkies homie!!
but to each their own ;0

Bill Wheatley said...

But we still need to hit up a star trek convention together. I need to break my convention cherry! If i had only been able to go with you as a kid!

Jeff Vrabel said...

My apologies, Carrie Bradshaw, I forgot your thoughts were uneditable, like the Bible (which frankly, could use some trimming and is at least one testament too long)