Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Island Packet/Beaufort Gazette to cut staff 11 percent

Well, there you have it. People are in reasonably good spirits all things considered, but everyone who was let go will continue on for another three weeks, so it doesn't feel like anything has changed yet. Except for me that is - the Ad Designer manager gave her notice last week, so they've put me in charge of those folks in addition to my Pre-Press/IT responsibilities. My first task was to hire a part-time Ad Designer, who started today - he himself was laid off from Bluffton Today last month, so here's hoping their loss will be our incredible gain.


Brian said...

I figured you'd be spared but glad to see it confirmed. Please tell me Matt & Drew survived too.

Morgan Bonner said... if they could put out a paper without Matt, Drew and myself. Actually of all the folks who were let go I don't think any of them were here when you left. It was mostly a last in/first out deal.

amanda finney said...

Yes, it's all my fault. ;-) But just remember, with you at the helm, it'll be BETTER!! We all know how much fight you have, and you're a rock star. I'll miss you tons! love ya! (_)_)(_|_)(_)_)

tyler said...
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jayna said...

morgan, i am trying to get a message to you without allison knowing. if you get this (which hopefully she won't see since it's on an older post) please email me: