Sunday, March 29, 2009

31st Birthday

Kind of a strange day. Started out with me being sick as a dog - had the horrible sore throat, unidentified green goo all over the place and enough pressure in my head to lift it into orbit. I stumbled out of bed to find my lovely wife had made me my favorite cake - Chocolate with raspberry jelly - but had done so in a very handy and portable cupcake form factor. Unbeknownst to me she also used the cure for the common head cold in the ingredients, because within an hour of eating that cupcake I was back to about 85%. We departed for Savannah and day two of our child-birthing class, where a day after seeing a video of a normal vaginal birth I was treated to a video of a normal c-section. Let's just say neither was imagery I particularly ever need to see again. Still, I learned a lot and was comforted by the stories (both happy and sad) that the nurse practitioner who led the class told the group - you definitely got the sense that the hospital staff had seen and done it all when delivering a baby, and that everything would be ok. After the class was over we headed home and while sitting at a red light on Oglethorpe we heard the telltale screech of someone slamming on their breaks - just in time to witness a woman getting hit by said car while riding her bike. Just like in the movies - the sound was the same, she hit the windshield then rolled down the hood and hit the pavement. I pulled over on the side of the street and Allison called 911 (who strangely didn't pick up until about the 8th ring). One of the benefits of living in a city - the cops were there in about three minutes, and the ambulance in less than five. Hopefully the woman was ok - we could tell that she was moving around, but wasn't getting up. Anyway, from there we went and saw possibly the worst movie anyone who just witnessed someone nearly dying could see, and that was "Knowing". If we had it to do over again, we'd prolly see Monsters vs. Aliens and call it a day. An end-of-the-world thriller wasn't exactly what the Doctor ordered. From there, it was time to go to work, as tomorrow is the first combined Packet/Gazette section and I needed to be there to make sure things go swimmingly. So like I said, kind of a strange day. Though, it will probably pale in comparison to my 32nd birthday, when I will have a nine month old to hang out with! Weird!

Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm with this guy...

Many people who know I bleed orange and blue have asked me to comment on the Jay Cutler saga, and even though it's been discussed and discussed to the point of disgust, I'll throw in my two cents anyway....

My loyalties lie with my QB. I have no idea who this Josh McDainels cat is, but he has already shown himself to be a complete jackass. After watching his interview on NFL Network tonight, he proved to the consummate New England Patriot - when asked tough questions, give non-answers. He had an opportunity to speak to every Denver Bronco fan, including this one, and chose not to say one meaningful word.

You would think that fixing the 29th ranked Defense in the NFL would be his first priority, but no, apparently first he figured he needed to run our Pro Bowl QB out of town. Anybody who watched the Broncos last year knows that they only reason they won 8 games in the first place was because of the QB and the head coach. Makes perfect sense then to toss them both out I suppose. The very idea of giving up a 25 year old Pro Bowl Quarterback is so asinine that I'm still in disbelief that it happened. I've also had it with the owner Pat Bowlen who said he was going to be more in control of the team after firing Shannahan, yet has been damn-near AWOL during this whole situation.

Now I'm sure Cutler's agent is pushing this hard, presumably looking for a new contract, and it would be nice if the player could reign him in for the good of the team. But it comes down to this - I have no interest in my team becoming the Denver Patriots, no matter how many Super Bowl's they've won. The Denver Broncos that I know (or knew) valued loyalty (to our players), honesty (not videotaping people), and most importantly, their fans. Hopefully this will get fixed, otherwise I couldn't care less if we go 4-12 for the next three years if that's what it takes to get McDainels out of town.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Here comes the Bride...

Tonight I had the privilege of giving away my Mother at her wedding....some photos from the evening...

The happy couple

The happy couple plus the expecting couple

Unbeknownst to me, I had a toast to deliver...

Prepare for awesomeness....

A competing photographer...

Friday, March 20, 2009

10 years ago today...

I'm sure it's the same with everyone, but I still remember the first moment I saw my wife. At 2PM in the afternoon on March 20, 1999 I looked out the window at Barnes and Noble and saw her walking towards the front door. As soon as I laid eyes on her I had one thought run through my mind. It wasn't a "that's the girl I'm going to marry!" and it certainly wasn't a "that's the mother of my children!". No, it was in no way elegant or poignant - but I'll never forget it. It was, simply:

"Wow, she is hot!"

Happy anniversary babe. One decade down, hopefully many more to go....

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Island Packet/Beaufort Gazette to cut staff 11 percent

Well, there you have it. People are in reasonably good spirits all things considered, but everyone who was let go will continue on for another three weeks, so it doesn't feel like anything has changed yet. Except for me that is - the Ad Designer manager gave her notice last week, so they've put me in charge of those folks in addition to my Pre-Press/IT responsibilities. My first task was to hire a part-time Ad Designer, who started today - he himself was laid off from Bluffton Today last month, so here's hoping their loss will be our incredible gain.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

No Facebook for Morgan

Well, by a vote of 15-13, the nays have it, and I will not be joining Facebook. This wasn't exactly a scientific poll, and I'm reasonably certain someone figured out how to vote twice for yes, but in any case the decision is now made (despite what some people, who believed I had already made up my mind to join and was now trying to save face, think. Ha!). Thanks to all who participated - and hey, I have at least 28 readers! Wow! I gotta put some Google ads on this thing and retire!

PS - For the folks who did want to see me on Facebook, find me on Twitter instead.