Thursday, January 08, 2009


Yesterday it was learned that Electronic Gaming Monthly, a magazine that I've subscribed to since its inception in 1989 has ceased its print publication after being sold to some company called UGO Entertainment which is apparently owned by the Hearst Corporation. Unlike the PC Magazine situation, EGM's entire staff was let go, not just their production staff.

It always seemed to me that EGM struck the correct balance between print and online - you could go to the website for the daily news, yet have in-depth feature reporting and reviews available only in the print version. You know, actual journalism. Apparently though, the advertising just isn't there to support the magazine (or more to the point, to support their wonderful 30% profit margin) so that's it. Obviously magazines and newspapers are entirely different animals - our market is different than their market, they have to print and distribute all over the country whereas we stick to our little corner, etc. Still, seeing things like this are obviously scary for someone in the printing business. I know I'm working on my plan B, and hopefully everyone in our industry is as well.

So I say goodbye to EGM, something that I looked forward to getting in my mailbox every month for the last 20 years. I always especially looked forward to the April issue, to see if I could spot the April Fools joke. It's probably fitting that it's a Street Fighter game that is on the cover of the final issue - if I had all the quarters I put into the Street Fighter 2 arcade machine back I'd be a wealthy man, and it was the game that paved the way for the Soul Calibur's and Virtua Fighters that came after. Hadouken!

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Bill Wheatley said...

Very sad indeed :P

Whats your plan b? When are we going to go into business together?

I know you miss me you crabby old man!!