Saturday, March 29, 2008

Birthday in Boise

I had a very nice 30th birthday, spending the day with my in-laws in beautiful Boise, Idaho (back row from left to right: some old guy, Allison's brother Ben, Allison's dad Barry, step-sibbilngs John and Jenny. Front row: some hot chick that's married to an old guy, Ben's step-daughter Kate, Allison's step-mother Lynn, her sister Katy, and down in front is Ben's son Wyeth. Nice lookin' bunch huh?). We went out to dinner and then watched the Idaho Stampede fall to the Utah Flash 109-106. In fact the announcer at the game wished me happy birthday, although he mistakenly told the crowd I was turning 13. If only it were true mister announcer guy....anyway, it's good to be back in Boise, as I always did like it here. On the downside, it is quite chilly with a forecast low of 29 degrees tonight and snow is being called for tomorrow - my old bones just can't take the cold I guess. As for turning 30, I have decided that it is not the end of the world. I still have 10 years go to before that happens. Heh.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Life ends in t-minus four days....

My birthday is this Saturday, although I'm not saying that to elicit a "Happy Birthday!" from you. In fact, I'd kind of prefer it if we could all let the day pass quietly. You see, I'm turning thirty. Yes, on March 29th, 1978 the world officially became awesome. Thirty years later, the world is still awesome but every once in a while can't find its keys.

It's a difficult thing to process on one level - wasn't it just yesterday that I was walking into the offices of the Island Packet, ready to start my first day on the job? No, that wasn't yesterday - that was over ten freakin' years ago! On the other, simply looking up from my desk reveals that we are no longer working in a dilapidated old building on Pope Ave., where a raccoon whom I'm reasonably certain lived in the ceiling would keep me company on nights when I was working late.

Anyway, when I mention to people that I'm dreading the date because to me it signifies that my youth is officially over and that I'll be closer to forty than twenty, they all have the same reaction: "Thirty is still young!" they say, with their voice slightly elevated, as if trying to convince us both. Oddly enough, all of these people have something in common - they're over thirty. In fact, the only person I spend any amount of time with who is younger than me is my lovely wife, all of three years my junior. "Why are you worried about it?" she asks... "It's not like you're old". She's right of course - turning thirty doesn't mean that you're just means that you can see the old coming.

Examples: I have a mortgage. Lately I've been noticing that I'm in bed by 11. The other day I walked right past the cheesy poofs at the grocery store and instead bought a bag of fresh vegetables. I find it difficult to make time to use my Playstation, but have time to become obsessed with what's in my 401k. I'll be voting for Barack Obama in November, yet find myself silently nodding in agreement with one or two things John McCain has to say (though, seriously dude I'd like to be out of Iraq by the time my grandkids turn thirty ok?). It's not just me either - last week I took my car in for an oil change and was told I have some manner of oil leak, and they would require $634 dollars to fix it. In the five-plus years I've owned my car, the only thing I've ever had to replace was some tires and a wiper blade. Could it be that my oldness is rubbing off on the things around me (and goodness gracious is my extended warranty gonna cover that?!!)?

Mark Twain famously said that "Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter." He was right of course, but I'm guessing he didn't say this when he was turning thirty. If he did, it might have gone something like this: "Turning thirty sucks." If you're reading this and getting irritated, you're probably over thirty. If not, you most likely feel like you have your whole life ahead of you. Here's some advice: don't let your twenties end without doing everything in life you wanted to do....and seriously, get started on that 401k.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

I used to like Balloons....

I have arrived in Greenville for a short visit with Mom - since we'll be in Boise during my actual birthday, she took the opportunity to celebrate a little early. While she scored major Mom points with the delish chocolate raspberry cake, as you can see here I am less pleased with the first encounter to date I've had with the phrase "THE BIG 3-OH!" where it actually applied to make myself feel somewhat better, I bought one PowerBall ticket (for some reason I had an actual dollar in my pocket). Winning $275 million would most likely make me forget about rapidly becoming an old man. Wish me luck!

Edit: I didn't even match one single number. This sucks.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Putting the D I E in diet

Lately I have noticed my weight starting to increase - I was holding steady at 165 lbs. for a long time, but over the last two months have been creeping up towards 170. A few days ago I got on the scale and my jaw dropped when it read back to me "172.4". The problem can almost certainly be traced back to my increased consumption of Mountain Dew. Now, I loves me some Mountain Dew - I love the taste, I love the color, I love the logo - all of it. Ever since the last time I went on a diet, I have been mostly successful at drinking all those wonderful empty calories in moderation, but over the last few months I've been going nuts with it. One 24 oz. bottle a day at work, then a glass with lunch whenever I'm out somewhere that has it. Clearly, it has caught up to me - it was a fun ride while it lasted.

Having no desire to return to my Popeye's weight of 180 lbs., I have begun another diet. A Slim-Rite for breakfast, Subway for lunch (cold cut sub, no cheese, no mayo, baked Lays and a water), then either another shake or a bowl of cereal for dinner. The goal is to stay right around 1,000-1,200 calories for the day. After two days, I'm already back down to 170.9, so I am on the right track. However, I want a freakin' Mt. Dew in the worst way. I mean, I'm craving it. Is this how smokers feel when trying to quit?! It SUCKS. There are four 24 oz. bottles in the fridge at work, and I've already had to resist the urge to down one several times today. Still, I've made a pact with myself (no new Dew until I'm back to 165) and I intend to keep it.

But on that magical day....I swear to the Prophets I'm going to bathe in it. Seriously. I'm going to fill up the tub with Mt. Dew and drink and swim and frolic in it. Then when I'm done with that I'm gonna go to the store and buy all the new flavors when they come out, and shower daily with those. Mmmm.....Dew.....

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Back in business

After spending the last three days sans MacBook, things are back to normal tonight. My new hard drive was waiting for me at home, and after a quick install (BTW, for as irritated as I am that my hard drive died, I have to say thank you to Apple for making the drive so easy to access in the MacBooks - take out the battery, remove the RAM shield and it's three screws - the drive slides right out) from my clone (honestly if it weren't for SuperDuper! I would have gotten out of the IT business a long time ago) and the sun was shining for Morgan once again. I did lose all the album artwork I had downloaded, as well as two songs that I bought from iTunes that I didn't get copied off before all hell broke loose, but things could have been much worse. Let this be a lesson to all of you - back up, back up, and back up some more. You never know when disaster will strike - you can either be a little screwed, or seriously freakin' screwed.

Monday, March 03, 2008

"You've got to be $&/@!$? KIDDING ME!!!"

Actual quote from Morgan on Saturday night as my MacBook crashed, then after being restarted presented me with my second blinking question mark of death in as many weeks. Sure enough the hard drive had decided that today was a good day to die. Since it has taken me three minutes just to belt out a couple of sentences on the Touch, I take back part of that last post. Not having a laptop does, in fact, suck. Hopefully my replacement hard drive will be here before the end of the week.