Thursday, December 04, 2008

Last wishes

Tonight I attended the memorial service for the husband of one of my staff members who passed away last Sunday after a fight with Pancreatic cancer. The service was held in a Bluffton church, and the Reverend didn't miss the chance to tell everyone there how they'd better get right with God. It would have been nice if this dude had realized it was Thursday and not Sunday, saved the sermon and respected that many people there weren't there for God but to pay their respects. Anyway, while I was sitting there apparently punching my one way ticket to Hell, I began thinking about my own funeral. Allison knows my wishes, but just in case she's not able to carry those out, I thought I'd put it here on the blog so that there wouldn't be any question because I seriously don't want to end up in a place like where I was tonight....

First off, I want my memorial service to be a big party. I want everyone there making fun of me and swapping stories and just celebrating my life - and as such, here are the particulars: it can be held at the Packet (since that's probably what will end up killing me anyway) in the Production conference room. I want Empire Strikes Back playing on the plasma TV (on Blu-Ray, if it's out by then - don't worry, I'm sure I'll have bought it), and everyone gets a Lightsaber when they walk in the door. Everyone. No exceptions. There needs to be a nice jazz band - something with a piano and cello and drums, and someone get Lisa Roti down here. She loves it on Hilton Head (she told me so), so it shouldn't cost too much but whatever she wants, pay it - she's worth it. Now, as for the food this one's pretty easy - whoever is coming from Savannah can pick up the Popeye's. Lots of cajun mashed potatoes and red beans and rice. And biscuits. MANY, many biscuits. Have some honey on hand cuz they never seem to have any.

As for my physical remains, I want to be cremated of course, and I'd like my ashes spread all over Invesco Field. I would have preferred they be spread over Mile High Stadium, but since that's a parking lot now it kind of loses something. Still, I can't think of any other place I'd rather spend my time - and when you see some Chargers wide receiver trip and fall when he's wide open, you'll know that was me :)


amanda finney said...

You know, I felt the EXACT same way. I actually felt it was very tacky for him to do that. They shouldn't preach at you at a funeral, that's not what you're there we'll be going to hell together man!

lightsabers, star wars and popeyes oh my! :-)

Debz said...

Beware, Brian said he's offin' you just to go to the shindig.