Saturday, June 21, 2008

In for a penny....

So I just donated money to the Obama campaign for the first time today. I had said previously that I wasn't going to fork over money unless (let's face it - until) I felt that he was really getting attacked unfairly (by, you know, a Republican. I came very close to donating when Hillary was being a big jerk in March...). But his decision this week to opt-out of the public financing system stuck a cord with me on two levels. First, by relying on small donations from his supporters, he isn't spending all his time at fundraisers like McCain has to do, and that means when he's in office he owes the American people not his big campaign contributers. Second, the fake-outrage by the McCain supporters pushed me over the top. I find it to be just about the most ridiculous frickin' thing in the world that the right-wingers are pissed off that the Democrat is NOT taking taxpayer money for his campaign while the Republican is - all $85 Million of it. If they were real Conservatives wouldn't they be happy about not funding the general election campaign of their Democratic opponent?? But of course they aren't thinking along those lines - all they see is their boy currently getting blown out on the electoral college map, and have to grasp at any straws they can find to hang on. Make no mistake - the nasty stuff is on it's way. My guess is we'll see it in August as Obama continues to lead in the polls. I can only imagine what's coming (ooooohhh! Scary black person!! He's a Muslim! He hates America! He's the Anti-Christ!), but I will do all I can personally to help him fight back.

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