Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Remind me never to set one foot in West Virginia...


Actual quotes from West Virginians told to reporters during yesterdays's ok though, because they said they aren't racist at all!

"I guess because he is another race, I'm sort of scared of the other race. Cuz we have so much conflict with them."
- Wanda Gibson, undecided voter in WV

"I want someone who is a full-blooded American as president."
- Josh Fry, a 24-year-old ambulance driver from Williamson, who "insisted he was not racist."

"I heard that Obama is a Muslim and his wife's an atheist."
- Leonard Simpson, a West Virginia Democrat.

"I don't think it's being racist necessarily, they just don't like black people that well. The arrogance and all bothers me more than black, but black is a close second."
- West Virginia voter R.K. Horton

"White people look out for white people, black people look out for black people."
- Union organizer, just across the border in Pittsburgh

"[Obama] takes the cake, because of, you know, who he is."
- Eric Hardy, 38, a former Democrat and president of the West Virginia Coon Hunters Association. Also, owner of Osama, Obama and Chelsea's Mama. sign.

Of course, West Virginia is over and done now. Next primary stop: Kentucky...

"I really don't want an African-American as President. I thought about it. I think he would put too many minorities in positions over the white race."
- J. K. Patrick, a retired state employee in Inez, Kentucky wearing a "Hillary: Smart Choice" button.

Congratulations West Virginia - you've just identified yourself as the most backward and ridiculous state in the nation. Also, memo to Hillary supporters - Obama can win "working class white voters" just fine. He won Idaho with 62% of the vote. I've lived in Idaho - trust me, Popeye's chicken is the only place you can find any soul food in that entire state, if you know what I mean. No, he's just going to have a hard time with the "working class white RACIST voters".

Screw off West Virginia - and take your lame-ass five electoral votes with you.


Brian said...

It is a slight bit of relief to know that South Carolina - a state where I spent six years - might not actually be the most backward and ridiculous place in America.

And goddamn, those are the Democrats in that state!

Randy said...

I'm not voting for Obama because of his race. He's a human and I can't stand those jerks.

I'm writing in Kodos again.