Thursday, April 24, 2008


My streak of perfect attendance years will end at four - at some point yesterday (the point being where I ate fish tacos at Amigos - the same place that likes to try to kill me every once in a while) I contracted some manner of stomach flu or food poisoning. I will not go into gory details, but suffice it to say that last night starting at 2AM and ending at 12:30PM today I got an up close and personal view of the various sinks & toilets in my house - fifteen times! It got to the point that I would plan out which sink I would visit next. Gross.

Aside from the violent unpleasantness I encountered during those 10 hours, more irritating to me was that I had to miss a day of work. As chronicled before, perfect attendance has always meant something to me, as I never got anywhere near it in school. In between waiting for my completely empty stomach to again try to expel....whatever the hell it was trying to expel, I logged into work and printed a few sections, made a few edition plans and responded to a few e-mails. Still, even though I did some work I'm not getting out of having to take that sick day, which sucks.

There is one silver lining in this situation however; I lost 3 pounds today and am now at my ideal weight of 165 pounds! So all you have to do to lose weight is come down with a debilitating illness that keeps you from eating! After having one too many salads during my recent attempts to eat better, I'm not 100% sure I wouldn't have just done this earlier.

Yeah, actually I am 100% sure. God today sucked.


Heather said...

Wow! I am so sorry to hear about your gastrointestinal sure you are not somehow linked to my puppy seeing as you two share the same name? (see my blog) :o)
Feel better!

Bill Wheatley said...

Wow so that place has made you sick 2x now. Unfortunately food poisoning is hard to prove but you're not a sueing sort so i take it you won't ever eat their again?

Feel better bones

Chris Yates said...

Oh sure, blame it on Amigos and not your weak constitution.


Yay bulimia!

You're on your way to being Americas Next Top Model!

Brian said...

I haven't had Amigos in 18 months. I would kill for a plate of their chicken quesadillas.