Saturday, March 29, 2008

Birthday in Boise

I had a very nice 30th birthday, spending the day with my in-laws in beautiful Boise, Idaho (back row from left to right: some old guy, Allison's brother Ben, Allison's dad Barry, step-sibbilngs John and Jenny. Front row: some hot chick that's married to an old guy, Ben's step-daughter Kate, Allison's step-mother Lynn, her sister Katy, and down in front is Ben's son Wyeth. Nice lookin' bunch huh?). We went out to dinner and then watched the Idaho Stampede fall to the Utah Flash 109-106. In fact the announcer at the game wished me happy birthday, although he mistakenly told the crowd I was turning 13. If only it were true mister announcer guy....anyway, it's good to be back in Boise, as I always did like it here. On the downside, it is quite chilly with a forecast low of 29 degrees tonight and snow is being called for tomorrow - my old bones just can't take the cold I guess. As for turning 30, I have decided that it is not the end of the world. I still have 10 years go to before that happens. Heh.


Bill Wheatley said...

To quote someone i hope you remember

"You're doing fine jim!!!" picture an old raspy voice :) if you can't figure it out let me know.

Love ya man happy bday.

Heather said...

Glad you had a pleasant day, and again...happy 30.
I attempted to play guitar hero tonight and well...failed. I blame it on the thumb I hyperextended massaging a VERY large man last week. :o)

amanda finney said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sorry I'm a day late!!! Hope you're continuing to have an awesome vacation! We miss you already! :-)

Anonymous said...

We all wish you a Happy Birthday too! Tammy, Jody, Sheryl, Bill, Donna, Billy, Elizabeth, Drew, Ted, Adrienne, Carol, Susan, Dee and all the other people that Love you !!!!!!!!!! :)