Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Back in business

After spending the last three days sans MacBook, things are back to normal tonight. My new hard drive was waiting for me at home, and after a quick install (BTW, for as irritated as I am that my hard drive died, I have to say thank you to Apple for making the drive so easy to access in the MacBooks - take out the battery, remove the RAM shield and it's three screws - the drive slides right out) from my clone (honestly if it weren't for SuperDuper! I would have gotten out of the IT business a long time ago) and the sun was shining for Morgan once again. I did lose all the album artwork I had downloaded, as well as two songs that I bought from iTunes that I didn't get copied off before all hell broke loose, but things could have been much worse. Let this be a lesson to all of you - back up, back up, and back up some more. You never know when disaster will strike - you can either be a little screwed, or seriously freakin' screwed.

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Bill Wheatley said...

Yea when i accidently dicked with the partitions of my software raid array that had 800GB of music and pics it broke. I had to use a drive recovery prog to try to find as much as i could i was so upset. I lost emails from when i had back when i worked for sysops in west ocean city!