Sunday, February 03, 2008

Dear Democratic party....

I like Hillary, I really do. I think she's been a good Senator, I agree with 95% of her positions (her initial support for the war, and her continued refusal to admit it was a mistake would be the other 5%). But as I've been arguing to my Mother for the last few weeks, in the end it comes down to this: We need to win. Fairly or unfairly, people hate her with a passion, and she would unite the Republicans like no other candidate could. Here's a good article with more on that point. So here's my plea to the Democratic voters on Super Tuesday - be smart. When every single Republican pollster and strategist says they WANT to face Hillary in November, but DO NOT want to face Obama, LISTEN TO THEM!!!! In 2004 we South Carolinians tried to tell you who the strongest candidate was. You didn't listen then - here's your chance to make up for it. We live in a red state - we know what it takes to win red states, and someone named "Clinton" just isn't it.

They will hit her over and over again, often below the belt. They'll bring up Whitewater, Travel-gate, and every other BS controversy that they manufactured in the first place. They'll accuse her of killing Vince Foster - again. They'll even bring up Monica and all the right-wing attack bitches will say she was weak for staying in her marriage (even though they'd all do the same thing). That's all we'll hear about for months - and we'll try and try and try to have a debate about the issues that actually matter to people, but no one will care because it's Billiary - and even if they get tired of using her as a punching bag, at some point they'll just try to keep gay people from getting married again and make everyone think that the scary brown people are coming to kill them and/or take their jobs to fire up their base.

Obama is the Republicans worst nightmare. Oh sure, they'll attack him and his Liberal voting record, and when that doesn't work they'll try to convince people he's closet Al-Queda a few more times, but that's it. That's all they've got, and that ain't much. If they put up McCain and we put up Obama you literally could not have a more striking contrast between the past and the future. But if we put up Hillary.....well then I guess it's the past vs. the past.

So that's it fellow Dems around the country - you know you like both candidates and what they stand for. Now it's just time to decide who can win in November. And like a great man once said, winning isn't everything - but losing isn't anything....

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