Saturday, November 10, 2007

Gutair Heroine

After seeing all the cool kids playing it, reading the reviews, and hearing about its overall power to make dreams come true, I decided to purchase Guitar Hero III today and attempt to rock out. I got it at the new Best Buy (amazing that I've lived long enough to see a Best Buy in Bluffton - and they even sell Macs!) took it home and set it up....and then proceeded to watch Allison become a rock star before my very eyes. After spending nearly 9 years trying to find a video game that she likes, I think I finally found it. She was really good at it, seemingly right out of the box - who knew?! This is a woman who has gotten frustrated at every video game she's ever played, but somehow was able to crank out "Talk Dirty To Me" within the first 10 minutes. At this rate she'll be out on tour by this time next year....I can be her Roadie!


Bill Wheatley said...

Thought of you!!

Bill Wheatley said...
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