Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Young at Heart

Today I had the honor of hosting (along with Beth Patton, the Packet's Marketing Director) the Sun City Mac Users Group. They came for a tour of the Packet, and to see how we integrated Macs into the day-to-day operations of the newspaper. There were about 25 people, and they were very informed and asked a lot of very good questions. I can only hope that I'm still as big of a Mac zealot fan 40 years from now like these folks. One of them took this picture (where I appear to be talking Macs and hawking Mt. Dew) and sent this nice note along with it....

From: Catherine Tracy
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2007 14:08:53 -0400
To: Morgan Bonner
Subject: Mac Field Trip

Dear Beth and Morgan,

Thank you so much for the field trip you presented to our Mac Group. While we are in a minority in Sun City, today we saw how our Macs serve a large scale operation and how much they are appreciated. Although most of us have only home use, we were delighted to see how the computers could function in a business sense. You made us feel welcome, your tour was educational and fun too.

Catherine Tracy


Bill Wheatley said...

You are not a big enough zealot to have bought the iphone. :)

So i guess that post doesn't apply to you now. Really the blackberry I had was ok but i don't miss it for a sec. Maybe if i got a blackberry pearl i would feel different. But I really didn't enjoy the $60/mo rapation just for blackberry data service. But then again companies willingly pay it so who's the sucker.

Chris said...

They all look so very excited.