Saturday, September 29, 2007

Go Rox!

The last time the Rockies went to the playoffs was 1995 - the team was only in it's 3rd year of existence, and us Rockies fans were spoiled into thinking there would be many such trips in the future. Sadly, since then it has been one frustrating year after another, as they've dealt with everything from untimely injuries, free agent pitchers who completely bombed, and finally cheap-skate ownership who refused to spend money and instead chose to become a major league farm system for the other teams. This year has been different - with an MVP candidate in Matt Holiday and a solid mix of veterans and youngsters, they've played above their heads for most of the year. They started this month six games out of the wild card, and it looked like another "wait 'till next year" for us. Then came the streak - an 11 game winning streak that brought them within a game of the Padres. They lost last night and San Diego won, so I thought that would be it. Two games back with two to play....but then today the Padres lost and the Rockies beat Arizona 11-1 which means that on the last day of the baseball season the Rockies still have a chance - and THAT means that I'm going to be more interested (at least for one day) in my baseball team than my football team, which as never actually happened before. Don't worry people - the Broncos are still my first love. It's just nice to be able to root for another one of my teams in September. Wish them (and the Brewers, who are playing the Padres tomorrow) luck!


Bill Wheatley said...

No i recall a time when you carried more about the rockies for a day :) Back when you first got your rockies pull over and they were close to the playoffs.

Just a day though then you discarded them like an old sock

Brian said...

As a Brewers fan, you're welcome. And I was wearing my Brewers stuff in San Diego this weekend. I got some nasty looks for that!

And in exchange for that help against the Padres, we'll take MVP for Prince and ROY for Braun. Thank you, come again.