Monday, July 23, 2007

Hello from Iowa!

What am I doing in Iowa you ask? Well, we are bidding on a very large commercial printing job at work, and it required a site visit to a production facility in Des Moines. Yes, my first ever business trip - booked a flight, rented a car, stayed in a swank hotel (well, it's a Hampton Inn, which is far more swank than I'm used to - they actually called me 10 minutes after I'd checked in to see how I liked my room. Nice!) and everything. Tonight we're going to dinner with the folks we're here to see, then we have our big meeting tomorrow.

So far, my impression of Iowa is that it's a nice place....with corn. Sweet jeez, there is corn everywhere you look. Even in the middle of the commercial areas, there is corn. Mmm....corn on the cob sounds really good right now. With lots of butter and salt.....anyway, I'll be home tomorrow night. If you like corn, visit Des Moines sometime.


chris said...

they have a giant beavis in des moines? Fascinating.

Oh, posted from my iPhone, beeatch!

Morgan Bonner said...

Don't you mean MY iPhone web ads boy?

Brian said...

They have Internet access in Iowa? What will those amazing people accomplish next?

Bill Wheatley said...

LOL on your tombstone i'll leave a bottle of butter salt. Unless you don't use the stuff anymore :)