Saturday, June 30, 2007

Quite a day...

Ever since I've started my new position at work, it has steadily gotten easier Monday through Thursday's, but my Friday's still, in a word, suck. I normally work 14-16 hours, as we have hundreds of plates that have to be printed and a very limited time frame in which to do so. Last night I got home around 11PM, hung out for a few hours, then finally went to bed when the last Packet page was printed. Well, apparently that's when the fun began. Some part of the new press (I'm still not sure which part) suffered some manner of electrical failure. They got the Gazette out the door, but they were unable to print Saturday's Packet.

The phone rang at 9AM sharp - Elizabeth (the Packet Copy Desk Chief) called to tell me the news and that the press was still not fixed. I got dressed, packed up my trusty MacBook and headed in, all the while trying to figure out how (or who) would be printing our paper if we couldn't get it fixed. Anyway, what followed was one of the most nerve-racking days I've ever had at work (and on a day when I'm not supposed to be working no less). Long story short - I had to send our Saturday edition to the Savannah Morning News so that they could print it (it will be delivered tomorrow with the Sunday Packet), and then I had to send our Sunday Real Estate sections to the Statesboro Herald. In between I re-dummied sections, trained a newsroom to make PDF's, and made friends with my counterparts from two different papers. It was total chaos for most of the day, and I must have made/recieved 20 phone calls. Yet at no point did I feel in any way out of control of the situation - compare this to my first few weeks on the job, when I thought my head was going to explode every 20 seconds and any little thing would set me off. For as crappy a day as it was, the sliver lining for me is that I think I've finally adapted to my new role at work. Only took 4 months!

They finally managed to get the press up and running around 6:30 this evening, and we were able to get our real estate sections out (which was a good thing because the press in Statesboro can't handle as much color as ours can, so if they had printed it we would have had to eat color on 16 pages - which would have cost us a ton of money). I stuck around and printed some plates for Sunday's A section, then headed home. I've only gotten one call since I've been home, and was able to fix that remotely. Still, for as much as I'd like to stay up and see the plates printed, I am dead-tired, so I will just have to hope for the best. One thing's for sure - tomorrow I may just have to go buy a Packet out of a rack. I will be so happy to see one printed I won't mind paying $1.50 for it.


Anonymous said...

Good grief Morgan. You're such a rock star. This, my why I admire you and your work ethic so! :-)


*shake your booty*

(just from this, you should know who this is!)

mom said...

Nothing new here.
I'm still very proud of you work ethic and all.