Wednesday, March 14, 2007

End of an era

I apologize, loyal readers, for the lack of updates lately. I have recently taken on a new position at work, becoming the new Pre-Press Manager - in addition to my IT responsibilities and the new job, one of the people in my new department gave her notice about 30 seconds after I took said new position, so I've been trying to do 3 jobs for the last few weeks, conducting job interviews to replace the person that's leaving - and to top it all off both of the other people left in my new department are taking vacation during the next two weeks. I've been working at least 14 hours each day lately which just leaves absolutely no time for my poor neglected wife blog. Hopefully once we have hired a new person I can get back to working a normal 10 hour day.

Anyway, I did want to share one bit of news associated with this new position at work: I am no longer wearing a tie every day. There are two main reasons for this - first, I do walk through the press hall several times a day, and each time I passed through I had a vision of my tie getting sucked into the press, and an edition of the Island Packet being printed on my face. Second, this new position requires me to give much care and feeding to the AGFA computer-to-plate machines - they have to be given a bath every two days, and they also have several different chemicals that have to be worked with. I discovered very quickly that the tie was a hinderance to this part of the job. So, my collar is now wide open, and the whole world can see that yes, I do in fact have a neck. I feel somewhat naked without the tie, although it does make getting dressed in the morning slightly easier. I continue to hold out hope that one day the tie will make a triumphant return, but for now it seems unlikely.

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