Thursday, March 29, 2007

29 on the 29th

Well I turned 29 years old today - Allison brought me back Popeyes for dinner from Savannah and got me a nice shiny new Broncos jersey, my Mom(s) both gave me Best Buy gift cards (perfect gift for a tech geek), I got some nice cards in the mail, and my Grandfather sent me some photographs of my Father's 26th birthday party that I had never seen before, which was really cool. I even left work at 6PM!!! Of course who knows how long I'll be there tomorrow, but I was determined to get the hell out of there so I could have a normal evening. It's 10PM, and so far I've only heard from the Packet twice! W00t!

I remembered what I had said a year-and-a-half ago about closing in on 30, and I think that even with a year still left to go before hitting the big three-oh, I've done just about everything I've set out to do for myself in my 20's (except winning the Hilton Head Rec League 3-on-3 basketball championship). With that being the case, maybe I will just slack off this year....

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