Thursday, March 29, 2007

29 on the 29th

Well I turned 29 years old today - Allison brought me back Popeyes for dinner from Savannah and got me a nice shiny new Broncos jersey, my Mom(s) both gave me Best Buy gift cards (perfect gift for a tech geek), I got some nice cards in the mail, and my Grandfather sent me some photographs of my Father's 26th birthday party that I had never seen before, which was really cool. I even left work at 6PM!!! Of course who knows how long I'll be there tomorrow, but I was determined to get the hell out of there so I could have a normal evening. It's 10PM, and so far I've only heard from the Packet twice! W00t!

I remembered what I had said a year-and-a-half ago about closing in on 30, and I think that even with a year still left to go before hitting the big three-oh, I've done just about everything I've set out to do for myself in my 20's (except winning the Hilton Head Rec League 3-on-3 basketball championship). With that being the case, maybe I will just slack off this year....

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


The WMD's season came to an end tonight as we made a first-round exit in the playoffs, losing 104-92. While we played by far our best game of the year it wasn't enough, and we're going home. We were down by 22 points in the second half and then made a run with 10 minutes left in a desperate attempt to extend our season (oh, and win our first game) but never could get closer than 8 points.

Despite not winning a game, I am very proud to have played with a group of people who never backed down from any challenge, even when faced with dudes who were all bigger/faster/stronger/in better shape than us. I can say for certain that we left it all out on the court each and every night, and that's all you can ask for.

There is already talk of participating in the Hilton Head Rec Center's Summer League, and if so I'll definitely be there - I intend to keep playing until we least one game. Once we get that out of the way, THEN we can start to focus on winning that elusive championship and putting together a dynasty. I can't wait!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Worky work busy bee

So yeah, been working a lot these last few weeks. I pulled an all-nighter two Friday's ago, then this past Friday I didn't leave until 4AM. Now that we've hired a replacement for the woman who left, and the other two members of my department are back from their vacations, I'm looking forward to a far more sane few weeks - at least until Heritage comes along, when we'll print our biggest paper of the year.

Some things I've discovered working 75+ hours a week....

People who get paid overtime should never complain about....well, anything.

Time really does fly - when you're busy. That first friday I looked at the clock when the last of my help left for the night - that was 10:30PM. The next time I happened to check the clock, it was 4:30AM.

You only tend to eat when you remember that you have to or you'll die.

Things that would normally piss you off during a 40 hour work week don't really bother you at all, because everything else is so completely and utterly messed up.

The things that are normally very important and exciting to you stop being so important and exciting. At some point during the last two weeks (I can't remember which day) I received a new MacBook for use at work. What would normally cause me to have an instant Mac-Geek-gasm instead was still sitting in it's box days later.

You really, really cherish your weekends - which makes it all the more irritating when you get called by work during said weekend.

Shaving becomes optional.

Last but certainly not might just have one seriously irritated wife at home who isn't all that happy with your employer.

While I've certainly had my share of "OMFG what the hell have I got myself into" moments, there have been plenty of positives as well....

I've learned so much about the production side of things that combined with my IT skillz, I feel as though I could make the whole paper myself. That is a pretty nice feeling.

There are some very cool people in the press and mail rooms - people that I otherwise would never have gotten to know because they work at night.

I have a new found respect for the people in my department - what they go through on a daily basis, how they are blamed for things that go wrong but never praised for what goes right. Well, I certainly have made it a point to praise them for the job they did these last two weeks, under very difficult circumstances.

There's more of course, but I had better get to bed. Another week at the Packet is about to start. It will have it's ups and downs, its "HOLY SH*T how are we going to get the paper out" moment, and someone will turn in a late ad (or 20).

But I still couldn't see myself doing this anywhere else.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

End of an era

I apologize, loyal readers, for the lack of updates lately. I have recently taken on a new position at work, becoming the new Pre-Press Manager - in addition to my IT responsibilities and the new job, one of the people in my new department gave her notice about 30 seconds after I took said new position, so I've been trying to do 3 jobs for the last few weeks, conducting job interviews to replace the person that's leaving - and to top it all off both of the other people left in my new department are taking vacation during the next two weeks. I've been working at least 14 hours each day lately which just leaves absolutely no time for my poor neglected wife blog. Hopefully once we have hired a new person I can get back to working a normal 10 hour day.

Anyway, I did want to share one bit of news associated with this new position at work: I am no longer wearing a tie every day. There are two main reasons for this - first, I do walk through the press hall several times a day, and each time I passed through I had a vision of my tie getting sucked into the press, and an edition of the Island Packet being printed on my face. Second, this new position requires me to give much care and feeding to the AGFA computer-to-plate machines - they have to be given a bath every two days, and they also have several different chemicals that have to be worked with. I discovered very quickly that the tie was a hinderance to this part of the job. So, my collar is now wide open, and the whole world can see that yes, I do in fact have a neck. I feel somewhat naked without the tie, although it does make getting dressed in the morning slightly easier. I continue to hold out hope that one day the tie will make a triumphant return, but for now it seems unlikely.