Thursday, February 15, 2007

It's official: I know what I'm doing!

Allison and I have traveled to Greenville to see Mom and also so that I could take the Apple Certified Helpdesk Specialist exam. Getting an Apple certification has always been something I wanted to do, but whether it was because of time or money I hadn't done so yet. I finally decided to just commit to doing it, and so I began my research. I came across this certification that seemed right up my alley based on what I do all day long and after acing the sample test I decided to go for it.

I showed up to the Greenville Technical College and found the room where they administer the Prometric tests. I signed some papers, turned in my Blackberry and went to work. The test was HARD. Like, INSANELY FREAKIN' HARD. Way harder than the sample test, which I guess they do on purpose. I was screwed by a lot of the questions that pertained to Windows - file and print sharing, and I only got half the questions about Active Directory right - which sucks because we have 15 Macs that connect to AD at work, so I thought I was ready for that. But they weren't just gonna give me my certification - I had to earn it. Thankfully I was able to get most of the questions right in the other sections (praise be to Chris and Randy, whom will both be proud that I nailed all the questions about the command line) and passed the test (albeit not by much).

Later in the day I went to CompUSA to ogle some new Macs, and had to seriously resist the urge to correct the CompUSA droid who was trying to answer someone's question about a Mac Pro ("This is a program called Parallels - is a Univeri....Universl.....well, Uni-something with this you can run Windows on it!") with my new found official-expert status, but I would hate for someone to do that to me, and the guy bought the Mac Pro anyway so no harm done.

My certification will be mailed to me in the next three weeks. It doesn't really change anything, other than it means that as far as Steve is concerned I am now officially tha most rad IT professional EVAR!! Sweet!


Chris said...

OMG!!! u r so l337!!!

Wait until I tell you about corporate's plan to switch to PC's because "they're so much easier to manage"

Mr. Webb said...

Welcome you to the Mac Council we do. Padawan you are no longer. (My best attempt at Yoda speak)

Brian said...

Can you find out what's holding up the installation of a new power source on my iMac?