Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hoop Dreams

Tonight was my first game for the WMD's (Weapons of Mass Dysfunction), a rec league 3-on-3 basketball team on Hilton Head. Consisting of mostly Packeteers from the Newsroom (yes, I have forged an unholy alliance) and me, we took the floor tonight and were promptly dismissed 144-68 by some team whose name I didn't catch. I scored 12 points, had 3 boards and 5 assists. I can safely say I would have played better had I had some better shoes. I discovered about 10 seconds into the game that my shoes had no (and I mean zero) traction left on them. It dawned on me that these were my tennis shoes, and I had been using them to play said tennis for at least a year. Oops. The other thing is, this team wasn't that great. They had one guy who was about 6'5, 190 with the wing-span of a Pterodactyl (Tom un-officially named him Mr. Fantastic) that was just freakin' awesome, but other than him they just had two guys play defense and one guy back - so when we'd miss a shot all they did was throw the outlet pass back down the court and get an easy lay-up. I think once we make the adjustment to the way this full-court (well, more like 3/4 court) game is played we'll be fine. Oh, and when I get new shoes. Anyway, I'm sore and tired, but determined to help take my team to the promised land.

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Brian said...

Sounds like fun. Wish I was still around to help you out. Maybe with me, you'd only have lost 144-75.