Friday, December 01, 2006

As requested....House pics

Seen here - front and side of the house, as well as our current view from the front door to the left and straight ahead. Oh look - another house is being delivered! W00t!


debz said...

YEA! How cool is that? What a cute house! And with TREES! (they don't like trees in Bluffton anymore)


Brian said...

Cool, congrats!

By the way, that's a nice lookin' crane your neighbor has. I bet that's fun to careen down 278.

Auntie said...

Talked with Mom tonight and she told me about the house and gave me your blogspot to check it out.
Congratualations to you and Allison. I am so happy for you both. Love it and hope to see it soon. Sending lots of love, hugs and kisses!

Chris said...

when do you get roads?

Morgan Bonner said...

Actually the road is paved, it's just burried under the dirt and mud from all the trucks. Lots of nails in the road too....I'm sure I've got one with my name on it :(