Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I've been shot (again)

In the words of my lovely wife "blah blah blah, my neck hurts, blah blah blah - no one gives a crap honey. Don't put that on the blog!" (she was kidding.....I think) I tend to agree - I'm as sick of talking about it as I am of dealing with it. But I'm sure all my loyal readers are worried (yeah right) so here's the latest: went back to the Doctor today for the results of my bone scan. As expected, it revealed no problems, so he wants to proceed with the theory that the problem is ultimately muscular. To wit, he gave me another trigger point injection, this time with twice the dosage as before. I have officially been pumped with enough steroids that I should be batting .338 with 64 home runs by this time next season. After the shot I get the oh-so-wonderful headaches and bruised/sore neck where I was injected - today was a pretty difficult day at work, but I managed to stick it out and preserve my perfect attendance streak to 32 months and 12 days. Yes, I'm aware my employer generously provides me with 80 hours of paid sick time that I could use, and instead I'm trading that for 1 extra vacation day and a nice little certificate. Yes, I'm also aware that's pretty stupid. My rational is that I was a very sickly child growing up, and never had perfect attendance at school, so getting it now as an adult is something that I am proud of. Anyway, I have made a deal with myself that if this shot fixes my problem then I'll go and buy a nice shiny new iPod. Hopefully that provides my body some incentive to fix itself.


Chris said...

Man, you just need to get audited... really analyze your thetan levels, release those evil alien spirits.

debz said...

I'm convinced this is all stress--you're very uptight, fella. Just go see a shrink instead of all this medical mumbojumbo. From working in my share of med places, I can tell you that if you want to find a problem, you'll find one. Whether it's relevant or not... We're just not perfect beings.