Monday, September 25, 2006

Meanwhile, back at the Doctor's office....

Today I underwent a bone scan to attempt to diagnose my neck pain - first I was injected with radioactive isotopes (still waiting for my super powers to emerge), then had to wait for 3 hours while they circulated throughout my bloodstream. Afterwards, I was placed on a gurney and inserted into the machine. Basically I had to lay perfectly still for about 20 minutes while some device scanned my skeleton. I was curious as to how it worked, so if you care, click here.....anyway, although the doctor still needs to look at it, the guy said it didn't detect any problems in my neck - it did however show a "hot spot" on the right side of my lower jaw. The guy asked me if I had any pain there and I said no. He then said "well, have you been to the dentist lately? If not you might want to schedule an appointment....". Great - so I walk in there for one problem, and walk out with two problems AND (because the folks who performed the bone scan "do not participate" with our wonderful new insurance provider Aetna) walked out $220 lighter in the pocket. I go back to the Doctor next week - I don't know what he's gonna tell me, but I'm damn near ready to cut my head off to get rid of this pain. Sigh.

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Bill Wheatley said...

Hang in there bro. And if you need a root canal its no big deal i had 2 of them and its no worse then a cavity just way more expensive after insurance its like 900 bucks a tooth for me 400 for root canal 200 for the post and 300 for the crown.

Just keep going places until they can figure out why you are in pain it might be nervous system disorder or something just dont give up and keep looking for a doctor until they can figure out what is wrong with you. Worst comes to work come down and have my doc check you out hes a top notch guy he does his homework. He helped the ex with her fibromyalgia and myofacial pain syndrome.