Sunday, September 17, 2006

It was ugly....but I'll take it.

Just returned from my first ever Broncos home game - although we were witness the lowest-scoring game in the history of Invesco Field, thankfully Denver came out on top 9-6 in Overtime. Allison and I found the players entrance and watched them come in, spent $23 for two hot dogs, popcorn, a coke and a water, walked seemingly every inch of the stadium, and in general had an awesome time. Although they were pretty hard on our offense and our quarterback, it was really cool to be surrounded by Bronco fans. That might have been the thing I liked the most :) anyway, we must have walked at least 2 miles today, up and down some pretty steep hills (at altitude!) so I'm once again ready for bed and it's only 7PM. Guess we'll get some dinner then call it a night - got a lot to do tomorrow, including taking in a Rockies game!

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Brian said...

From what I can tell, it sounds like the crowd was completely justified in booing the almighty hell out of the offense.

I'm glad you got to see your team pull out the W. My guess is you won't be as lucky tonight with the Rockies.

Have fun!