Saturday, September 16, 2006

Holy Crap! I'm In Denver!

Greetings from the Mile High city! After a painless couple of flights from Savannah, we arrived in Denver right around noon (MST). Since then we have made our way to Invesco Field to go to the Broncos team store (was weird to have only a few people around, knowing that 24 hours later the place would be filled with 75,000 screaming Broncomainiacs screaming for Kansas City Chief blood), drove past Coors Field (where we'll be taking in a Rockies game Monday night), hit one of the local malls to go to the local Apple Store (sadly, what with all the money for Bronco tix, I did not buy myself a nice new iPod), went to the Denver Art Museum, the Denver Aquarium, and finally, Dennys. I love Dennys :) It has only been a few hours but I really like it here. Maybe it's just being surrounded by Bronco fans - maybe it's just a big city, where there are actually things to do and places to go. Whatever it is, I am going to seriously enjoy myself here for the next few days. I'm also loving the FREEZING COLD WEATHER!!! The highs are in the 60's, but the lows are in the 30's!! Considering the high tomorrow in Bluffton will be 90 degrees with 120% humidity, I'm going to enjoy myself that much more :)

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