Monday, September 25, 2006

Meanwhile, back at the Doctor's office....

Today I underwent a bone scan to attempt to diagnose my neck pain - first I was injected with radioactive isotopes (still waiting for my super powers to emerge), then had to wait for 3 hours while they circulated throughout my bloodstream. Afterwards, I was placed on a gurney and inserted into the machine. Basically I had to lay perfectly still for about 20 minutes while some device scanned my skeleton. I was curious as to how it worked, so if you care, click here.....anyway, although the doctor still needs to look at it, the guy said it didn't detect any problems in my neck - it did however show a "hot spot" on the right side of my lower jaw. The guy asked me if I had any pain there and I said no. He then said "well, have you been to the dentist lately? If not you might want to schedule an appointment....". Great - so I walk in there for one problem, and walk out with two problems AND (because the folks who performed the bone scan "do not participate" with our wonderful new insurance provider Aetna) walked out $220 lighter in the pocket. I go back to the Doctor next week - I don't know what he's gonna tell me, but I'm damn near ready to cut my head off to get rid of this pain. Sigh.

Ahh....home sweet home

Well we're home. If I don't sound overly thrilled about that fact, it's probably because I'm not overly thrilled. I really, really loved Denver, and miss it already. It doesn't help that we were welcomed back home yesterday by total and complete stupidity - par for the course around here. We flew out of Atlanta just ahead of a massive thunderstorm, and thought we were actually going to have 4 good flights in a row. Sadly, it wasn't to be - when we arrived on the ground in Savannah, the pilot informed us that because of that storm, the Atlanta airport had been closed. No problem right? Big problem, because the three Delta planes in Savannah bound for Atlanta couldn't leave, so our plane couldn't get to the gate. The only Delta flight not bound for Atlanta left, but our plane couldn't fit into that gate. Then they tried to get permission from the other carriers to use their gates, but couldn't. So we had to sit on the tarmac, 300 feet from the gate, for 45 minutes - BECAUSE WE COULDN'T FIND A PLACE TO PARK!!!! It was such a perfect metaphor for returning to, I can't say for sure that something like that wouldn't happen in Denver - but I think it's a safe bet.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Steamboat Springs, CO

Home to ski resorts, t-shirt shops, candy stores, and of course the magnificent Allison Bonner. A warning to all those who might venture this way - don't bother unless there is snow on the mountain, and you like to ski. Seriously - this place is dead right now. I'm sure it's a happening place in the winter, but some parts of this town are completely empty, just waiting for the first snow to fall. Which actually is supposed to happen this weekend - too bad we'll miss it. Anyway, after a little searching we did find the house that Allison spent the first 4 years of her life living in. We also walked downtown (4 times) and ate ourselves silly at the local watering holes. Other than that, there wasn't much to do - so we took the opprotunity to hit the local Quick Mart and Laundromat. Shown here: Allison bored. All in all, there is something to be said for a slower pace of life, but I still found myself constantly hoping we'd turn the corner and see a Best Buy. I guess you can take the boy out of the we head back east to Boulder to meet up with the family. I personally am hoping that we can sneak back to Denver - the Rox are still in town, taking on the Braves....

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Rox win!

Heading into this trip to Denver, if you'd told me one of the games I was going to would end in a score of 20-8, I would have assumed that was the final from the Bronco game. On the contrary, tonight we saw more scoring by the top of the 4th inning than we had seen in the entire Bronco-Chief game, as the Rockies kicked the crap out of the Giants. I was thrilled to see not only the Rockies tie the franchise record for most runs scored in a game, but I also got a chance to boo Barry Bonds - sweet! Even though the Rox have been out of contention for about a month now, it was still fun to see Coors Field for the first time (a beautiful stadium) and deal a blow to the Giants wild card hopes. Tomorrow we're off to Steamboat Springs.....I'm not sure when or if I'll get back to Denver, but one thing I am certain of is that I should have come here a long, long time ago.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

It was ugly....but I'll take it.

Just returned from my first ever Broncos home game - although we were witness the lowest-scoring game in the history of Invesco Field, thankfully Denver came out on top 9-6 in Overtime. Allison and I found the players entrance and watched them come in, spent $23 for two hot dogs, popcorn, a coke and a water, walked seemingly every inch of the stadium, and in general had an awesome time. Although they were pretty hard on our offense and our quarterback, it was really cool to be surrounded by Bronco fans. That might have been the thing I liked the most :) anyway, we must have walked at least 2 miles today, up and down some pretty steep hills (at altitude!) so I'm once again ready for bed and it's only 7PM. Guess we'll get some dinner then call it a night - got a lot to do tomorrow, including taking in a Rockies game!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Holy Crap! I'm In Denver!

Greetings from the Mile High city! After a painless couple of flights from Savannah, we arrived in Denver right around noon (MST). Since then we have made our way to Invesco Field to go to the Broncos team store (was weird to have only a few people around, knowing that 24 hours later the place would be filled with 75,000 screaming Broncomainiacs screaming for Kansas City Chief blood), drove past Coors Field (where we'll be taking in a Rockies game Monday night), hit one of the local malls to go to the local Apple Store (sadly, what with all the money for Bronco tix, I did not buy myself a nice new iPod), went to the Denver Art Museum, the Denver Aquarium, and finally, Dennys. I love Dennys :) It has only been a few hours but I really like it here. Maybe it's just being surrounded by Bronco fans - maybe it's just a big city, where there are actually things to do and places to go. Whatever it is, I am going to seriously enjoy myself here for the next few days. I'm also loving the FREEZING COLD WEATHER!!! The highs are in the 60's, but the lows are in the 30's!! Considering the high tomorrow in Bluffton will be 90 degrees with 120% humidity, I'm going to enjoy myself that much more :)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Medical log - Stardate 09061.2

Well after another visit to the Doc-in-a-box on Hilton Head, he gave up and referred me to a spinal specialist. I made my first visit to this new guy today - I liked him a great deal. He actually listened to me prattle on for 10 minutes as I explained what I'd been dealing with for the last two years, what helps and what doesn't. At the end he suggested several possibilities, and - unlike the first dude I went to - actually tried something to fix me! He gave me a cortizone shot directly into my neck, a neck brace to wear when I need it, and he also scheduled me for a bone scan to check for a specific issue. I'm not sure if any of these things will help me, but I am certain that it feels good to at least be trying something. I've been dealing with this too long, and like the Doctor said it's not normal for a 28 year old to be living with constant pain. I guess that comes later in life! In any case, if I can just make it to Sunday I'll be happy - well, if I can make it to Sunday and they win of course....

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Spent the last few days in Greenville getting Mom all set up in her new place. I have to say that the more time I spend in that town the more I like it. I just can't help but think "wow there's not one of those in Bluffton" or "wow this doesn't suck like it does in Bluffton". It was more than a little depressing to come home after getting a glimpse of how things should be done. Sigh....anyway, the move itself went fairly well, with only a few snags. Although the moving company sent four dudes to pack the truck with Mom's stuff, they only sent two dudes to unload it. We didn't get there until 5:30, so realizing that it was going to take all night otherwise, I jumped in and starting helping them. Now, obviously as these boys were professional movers, they were just a wee-bit stronger than me - not wanting to embarrass myself, I lifted/carried/hoisted way more than I should have. There was one piece of furniture in particular, a desk if I remember correctly, that I had no business even touching let alone lifting, but did so anyway. My reward for my stupid, macho behavior? I appear to have aggravated my neck injury that has been plaguing me for the last 18 months. I further screwed myself by then driving the whole way home without stopping, thus putting even more pressure on my poor, decrepit neck muscles. Ouch. I am going back to the Doctor on Friday, and don't plan to leave until the dude fixes me. Or refers me to someone who can fix me. If it can't be fixed then I don't think I'll be long for this world. I'll post my will on the blog - I'm sure that will be legally binding....right?