Monday, August 21, 2006

Mountain Don't

So, ever since I went on a diet just about 2 and a half years ago and lost 20 lbs., I've tried to eat somewhat healthy. Well, more healthy than what I was eating previously anyway. My usual pattern has been to eat kinda crappy at lunch, then eat a Slim Fast and/or a bowl of cereal for dinner. It has helped me keep the weight off, but recently I've noticed that I've been creeping towards 165 lbs. I had somehow hoped that my normal workout/tennis routine was adding massive amounts of muscle, but more likely it's due to the fact that I've been drinking Mt. Dew like a man possessed lately. So much so, that it's now to the point that I get irritated when I eat somewhere that only offers Mellow Yellow - essentially, the same thing (but not quite). In an effort to stem the tide of my oncoming obesity, I tried a Diet Mt. Dew tonight. It actually wasn't that bad - it had that same nasty aftertaste that all diet soda's have, but I diluted with with a crap load of ice so it was manageable. I don't generally see it offered at many restaurants, so I'll stick to water there. However, I should prolly start drinking it instead of the real thing at work. Shoot....still gotta get that mini-fridge in the pod at work....


debz said...

in all seriousnesss, regular soda has an insane amount of calories--compare it to a candy bar. brian&i lost about 20lbs just from cutting out regular soda alone.

Bill Wheatley said...

Dude stop drinking diet crap. The calories of regular soda are not so horrible when you compare the health effects of aspartame (nutrisweet). As if the nasty aftertaste doesn't signal 'hey there is something not right about this'.

There is plenty of information to back up the claims of it being unhealthy. I never drink diet crap anyway becuase it tastes like ass but i had a friend whos older and has major health problems. Eventually he took a hunch that maybe it was the diet soda he'd been drinking for years and sure enough when he cut that crap out his headaches went away. His major arthritis became less severe along with a whole string of side effects. He still died of cancer which he was sure on his deathbed that it was aspartame that helped that along too.

Just be careful bo i'd hate to lose you over something preventable :)