Monday, August 14, 2006

Memo to Bronconation: calm the hell down

Ok, not that you loyal readers care much about my beloved Denver Broncos, but I've just got to get this off my chest. Jay Cutler had a really nice game in his pre-season debut Friday night. In fact, in going 16 of 22 for 192 yards and a touchdown, he had the best debut of any rookie quarterback. Ever. The previous record holder was Carson Palmer, who threw for 140 yards in his debut a few years ago. This has the entire city of Denver in a tizzy. Mark Kizla of the Denver Post wrote "John Elway got Mike Shannhan his Super Bowl rings; Jay Cutler will get him to the Hall of Fame". Local sports talk radio are already calling for an open competition for the starting QB job this year. This afternoon on ESPN I heard some talking head say that unless (and possibly even if!!!) the Broncos win the super bowl this year, expect to see Jay Cutler as the starter opening day 2007.

WTF? Has Bronconation forgotten about that lights-out preseason that Brian Greise had in 1999? Oh yeah, he played great - won the starting job. Of course....the Broncos went 6-10 that year and Terrell Davis blew out his knee making a tackle on a Greise interception. Yes, Cutler played great. Yes, number 6 could very well be the second coming of number 7. But can we please all remember that our team came within 4 quarters of the Super Bowl last year, and our quarterback had a pro-bowl year? Can we please all remember that the pre-season and regular season are compleately different? Please? I know we all want another Super Bowl ring so badly it hurts, but if we're going to get it this year or next, it will be Jake Plummer taking us there.



Brian said...

I don't think the Broncos have a Super Bowl ring in them. Brian Griese is now a Chicago Bear and will take over the offense by Week 4. Brian Urlacher will anchor the feared Bears D.

And dammit, with that many Brians on the team, no way can it lose.

Mr. Webb said...

Oct 22...that's all I have to say!

Morgan Bonner said... Cleveland too. I'm sure the Broncos will get their ususal warm reception from the dog pound....