Sunday, August 27, 2006

Fantasy land

I have never really had any interest in Fantasy football - reason being that I find the whole concept of having to root for any other team or players besides the Broncos to be quite distasteful. Then came last Tuesday night - I watched the ESPN fantasy draft, and had to sit through "expert" after "expert" take seemingly every player in the league that doesn't play in Denver. I grew more irritated by the minute - these people were acting as though my team was 3-13 last year, not 13-3. So, in order to exact my revenge, I wormed my way into a fantasy league at work. The draft was held today, and I got just about everyone that I wanted (somebody beat me to Javon Walker - if his computer at work breaks I guess he's just poo-outta-luck). Naturally, the other, more experienced players mocked me and my homer tendencies - indeed, I could have easily drafted better fantasy players. But my entire purpose here was to show that the Bronco players are every bit as capable of delivering for fantasy owners as anyone else. I shall be vindicated!


Brian said...

Since you and I face off in Week 1, care to throw down another bet: KFC vs. Amigos?

Bill said...

Yo bones..
blast from the past
Look At Me 4:32
Geri Halliwell Schizophonic 100 **

:) I miss you man hope you're doing ok. Call me sometime you jerk.