Sunday, July 16, 2006

Unlucky weekend

Ever have one of those weekends where nothing goes your way? This was one such weekend for yours truly. Saturday, after helping Mom out around the house (I helped chop down a tree that had died....felt very Lumberjackish) I met up with Allison, Brian and Deborah at Kenny B’s on Hilton Head for some jambalaya and hush puppies. While waiting I was contacted by the city editor at the Packet, who reported severe network problems. I figured I was going to have to skip the movie we were going to see and head back, but thankfully the problem turned out to be with Hargray in Beaufort. We then ventured to the Coldstone Creamery - they were out of Chocolate ice cream. Then at the movie, I ordered the combo where you get free refills of the popcorn and drinks. At least, I thought you got free refills on the drinks - I downed my first Mt. Dew in about 2 minutes, knowing I could go back for more. Sadly, when I did so I discovered that the refills were only on the large drinks, and that I owed $2.50. Sigh. Then on the way home I got the call from the Packet copy desk that Newsway (one of our main production systems) had gone down. I fixed that and went home, looking forward to getting a few breaks on Sunday.

I quickly found out that it wasn’t gonna happen. First I played like crap on the tennis court, allowing my arch-nemesisesses Brian and Allison to defeat me for the first time in a set and letting down my partner Deborah. Then, as I never did see the first “Clerks” we continued our quest to find the DVD, what with “Clerks 2" coming out next week. We had unsuccessfully tried to rent it from Blockbuster and buy it from Target. I decided that we should drive to Beaufort and go to the new Best Buy, figuring it would be there. It wasn’t. Nor was it at the Wal-Mart next door. So, not wanting to totally blow a trip to Beaufort and still smarting from not getting any chocolate ice cream the day before, we headed for the TCBY. On the way I got the call from the Packet that the OPI Server had crashed. While I called them back Allison ordered me a hot fudge brownie sundae. After letting the Packet know that I’d be back to the office in 30 minutes or so, I went back into TCBY to find out why Allison hasn’t gotten my ice cream yet. It turns out they couldn’t find the brownies.

I ended the night by being coerced by Allison to watch a movie called Frida because it stared Salma Hayek,, who I may or may not have a wee-bit of a crush on. However, for whatever reason the character she was playing had a unibrow, so Salma did also. Just completely freaked me out for the whole movie. About an hour into it I couldn’t take it anymore and Allison kindly turned off the movie (she had already seen the end).

All in all, it wasn’t a completely useless weekend - we got a really good deal on closeout kitty litter at Kroger.

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chris said...

For the record I said I'd come in to fix the problem on Sunday but noooooooo... you had to be a hero.

Congrats on the kitty litter.