Monday, July 17, 2006

I don't know my own strength

So I was hitting the heavy bag at the gym tonight, something I love doing as much for its great cardio workout as for its ability to absorb all my frustrations that I collect during the day. I was going at it particularly hard this time, and had a good rhythm going. I landed a really hard left jab, and watched in amazement as the bag flew right off the chain, hit against the back wall and fell at my feet. There is a mirror in front of the bag, and sure enough a quick glance confirmed that the entire gym was looking at me. I felt an odd sense of embarrassment mixed with complete and utter satisfaction. Anyway, I tried in vain to fix the chain that had broken loose from the stand but gave up after a few seconds because I realized that even if I had fixed the chain, I never would have been able to lift the 200-pound bag back to where it was hanging from. I guess I could have tried, but most likely I would have erased whatever reputation I had just earned. So I took my gloves off and walked over to tell the staff that I broke their heavy bag. The one guy looked pretty irritated with me, but what was he going to do? Surely he must have known that looking at me with anything other than total fear and respect would have cost him his life. My only regret is that the jackass that always flirts with Allison wasn't there to see it. I'm sure he'll hear about it though, and will be suitably scared shitless the next time he sees me.


Bill Wheatley said...

lol you go bo.

Anonymous said...

Now you can smack the people around that you work with. Or tell this story and put the fear of God in them. :)