Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 230th America!

Well, it was quite an eventful July 4th - Allison and I ventured to Fort Pulaski, where we toured the grounds, had a picnic lunch, witnessed a live demonstration of a Civil War-era rifle being fired (loud!) and got a wee-bit of a tan. On the way home we had the strange experience of seeing car after car in front of us pull off to the side of the road and its occupants turn and look to the sky behind us. We finally figured out that everyone was watching the Space Shuttle streak through the sky. I was able to get a quick peek while stopped at a red light. Later on in the evening we walked over to Woodbridge as we have done each the last 3 years and watched as our neighbors had their own private fireworks show. We also got a first-hand reminder of why fireworks are illegal - one group of people who were setting off fireworks managed to shoot several of them directly into their own house. Thankfully, no one was hurt and no houses were burned down. Throw in the North Korean's launching missiles all over the place, and it was not a typical day in the life of Morgan. Tomorrow it's back to work - I'm sure it will be one exciting challenge after another, full of adventure!

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