Thursday, March 23, 2006

How I spent March 23rd, 2006

6:15 AM - Alarm goes off....I am vaguely aware that Allison is getting out of bed. I drift back to sleep.

6:50 AM - Allison opens the closet door and wakes me up again. Grrr!

7:05 AM - Can't get back to sleep, so I decide to get up.

7:10 AM - Take a shower. Hmm...should I shave....nah.....

7:38 AM - Get dressed.'s the Thursday suit!

7:52 AM - Contemplate going to work early because I have to take the AP Wire modem and computer over to the Gazette...vaguely recall telling Bill I'd be there by 9. Decide instead to play Geometry Wars. Ridiculous that I use this $400 video game console to play a game that cost $5. What can I say? It's totally addictive (my high score is 448,321 - beat that if you can!)....

8:15 AM - Die horrible death in Geometry Wars. Decide to leave for work.

8:24 AM - Arrive at work and dismantle AP Wire modem and computer.

8:35 AM - Leave for the Gazette.

8:53 AM - Nearly die on 170 as dump truck pulls out in front of me.

9:02 AM - Arrive at the Gazette and help Bill (well, he pretty much did all the work) set up the AP modem.

10:37 AM - Declare victory on the AP wire project - the newsroom will get to keep it's precious Newsedit searches, and the dish at the Packet can now be moved. Still have to do something about the AP photo server though....

11:00 AM - Leave Gazette for Packet.

11:14 AM - Nearly die on 170 as car in front of me slams on his breaks for no apparent reason....

11:39 AM - Arrive at Packet and go through the trouble tickets I missed. I've had more problems with printers this week than should be allowed. Don't these people know we live in a paperless society???!

11:49 AM - I'm hungry.

12:57 PM - Now I'm REALLY hungry.

1:04 PM - Leave for One Hot Mamas - ordered the Country Fried Steak. was ok. We had a waitress-in-training, who did a good job for the most part, but didn't bring us a pen when she brought our checks. I thought I had it covered by using my handy-dandy Swiss Army USB Knife, but the pen ran out of ink right after Randy used it, leaving Matt high and dry.

2:45 PM - Leave for my MRI appointment. Did I mention that I was getting an MRI done today to try to see what's wrong with my neck? It took me a while to get around to it, but I decided to see a real doctor instead of...ahem....not a real doctor.

3:11 PM - Am in the middle of my MRI. I'm told to hold very, very still. Naturally, I have an itch on my nose.

3:12 PM - Dude, this sucks. I really need to scratch my nose.

3:15 PM - I'm about to pass out.

3:18 PM - The itch has gone away. Whew.

3:22 PM - IT'S BACK!!! CRAP!!!!

3:40 PM - My MRI is over - I'm told that I did very well. The nurse asks why I look like I've been crying. I tell her that I just really had to scratch my nose. She says, "It's ok - lots of people get scared when they go in that thing - it's nothing to be ashamed of". I'm like "no seriously, I just had to scratch my nose...". She doesn't appear to believe me. Dammit.

4:02 PM - Arrive back at work. An Ad Rep can't seem to send an e-mail. OH NO! IT'S THE END OF CIVILIZATION AS WE KNOW IT!!!

4:43 PM - Holy crap! They have Hot Fries in the vending machine!!! SA-WHEET!!

6:01 PM - Leave work and come home to get dressed for softball practice.

7:00 PM - Arrive at the softball field with Randy and Brian. Hit the ball ok but my defense sucked. Didn't help that it was raining - not a good thing when you wear glasses :(

9:10 PM - Hit a gas station on the way home - clean them out of their supply of hot fries. 9 bags in all. Yummy!

9:46 PM - Get home - disrobe in the foyer so as not to track infield dirt all over the apartment. Hit the shower.

10:25 PM - Watch a little TV - contemplate another round of Geometry Wars but decide against it as I'm pretty freaking tired.

10:48 PM - Need to eat something. I'm gonna go forage for food. Allison is very kindly cleaning up the dirt I left in the foyer.

11:02 PM - Am currently watching some TV special on "V for Vendetta". You are all seeing this movie right???!!!

11:31 PM - Ok, that's enough - gonna post this and go to bed. I wonder what will happen tomorrow....good night!


lerxst said...

This entry is so much more fun if you sing it like you're John Lee Hooker:

"Allison opens the closet door" (blues break: A-D-C-A) "and wake me up again." (same break)

Allison Bonner said...

wow, you keep really good track of your time...sure you don't want to come to work with me every day? you would be very helpful when it comes to filling out my time sheet.

Brian said...

The sheer length of that post suggests your day was way more interesting than it actually was.

Bill Wheatley said...

lol you are such a dweeb bones. You remind me alot of erin.

I got to see her when i took her to tampa. I miss my family alot now from getting to see them.

I also miss you now :( whens it going to be april for our road trip to MD. I also miss your moms hugs

ohhh btw i Pin'd you fool i found all the old star trek figures you had left with dad. He kept them i was trying to get up with you to see if i should bring them back for you. I know they would hold great value for you. Pop said to say hi to you. He told me about the time you came over to watch the broncos for the first time since Grandpop died. Dad said it almost made him cry becuase he felt so bad for you that you missed your grand father. When dad brought that up i got to talking with him about him and told him how much i missed him too. As much as i was a pain in his ass and an annoying kid he seemed like he tried to look out for me. Or he just hated me and your grandmother wouldnt let him shoot me. I told him how we played cards the first time and i called him "Old Man" and he got all pissed off at me.

If we go upto MD we should visit my parents they would like to see you alot. Dad calls you his other son.

Btw happy bday if i dont remember to hit you up on the 29th. At least i remembered it was march this year instead of may.

Love you bro