Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Fruit Snack Incident

So I pull my blue shirt out of the closet this morning, and notice a huge red stain right in the shirt pocket. After further investigation, I discover a fruit snack that apparently found it's way into said pocket, presumably last Wednesday. My first thought was that I'd be wearing my Thursday suit and looking for a new blue shirt today, but I decided to try and get the stain out. Despite the fruit snack taking a ride through the laundry, it was still mostly intact - with some soap and water, I was able to remove it completely. Oddly enough, the stain went with it - you can only see just the faintest hint of red. I used Allison's blow dryer to dry it, and everything was cool.

So there are two questions I'm struggling with this morning: first, considering that the huge stain that was on the shirt disappeared by just rinsing it with water - what the hell are these fruit snacks made of? It sure as sh*t ain't fruit I'll tell you that. Second - and this is personally causing me much greater consternation - how the hell did a fruit snack end up in my shirt pocket? I mean, I remember buying fruit snacks last Wednesday, and I remember eating fruit snacks last Wednesday. But I can't for the life of me think of why there'd be one in my shirt pocket. Did someone throw it at me? Was I saving it for later? I have to figure this out. I'm going to go buy some fruit snacks, and attempt to trace the steps I took one week ago. I'll post any conclusions that I come to. Actually, I can come one conclusion right now - I'm not even 28 yet, and I'm losing my freakin' mind. Woo-hoo!


lerxst said...

I hate to be a grammar Nazi, but in your case the proper conjugation is "I'm not even 28 yet, and I've lost my freakin' mind."

Brian said...

At least you didn't leave 3 bags of hot fries in your pocket.

Bill Wheatley said...

Hot fries incident

Man i found hot fries at a place down here and i bought a bag.

Ate the first one and they were HORRIBLE. I looked at the date on the package and it said best if used by 2003 LOL this was last year. Thats what i get for buying from a gas station.