Sunday, February 19, 2006

What a feeling

A strange dichotomy took place at the Bonner residence on Saturday night between the two television programs we watched, yet they at least sounded similar. For Valentines Day I gave Allison the Flashdance DVD (I gave her other stuff too - shut up), not really thinking that by doing so I would also be required to watch can I put this kindly....unique movie. Then this Saturday while Allison was traveling to Savannah to take her exam, I accompanied so that I could find the DVD box set of The Flash which just came out. That was one of my favorite shows growing up - a very well done (possibly the most well done) comic book hero TV show ever made IMHO. When we got back from Savannah, I naturally wanted to watch The Flash - and Allison decided that it wasn't going to happen until we watched Flashdance. Realizing that my choices were watch Flashdance or never watch The Flash, I relented. I learned a long time ago that this whole compromise thing in a marriage really does suck sometimes. Not all the time, but sometimes. Anyway, I will not use this forum to bash Flashdance - others can do it much better than I can. The important thing is that I made it through that mindless drivel film, and now get to look forward to exacting revenge on my lovely bride by making her sit through all 22 episodes of The Flash. By the time it's over she won't remember Flashdance....but I'm sure she'll still remember that god-awful music.

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Allison Bonner said...

the music was kickass and you know it! there was tons of inuendoes and sex and cussing that i thought you would love it...i actually remember you comparing it to soft-core porn....why didn't you like it again?